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The program offers system integrators around the world the chance to continually enhance competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines: control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations. For system integrators who make the commitment to deliver the highest technical solution and customer service, leading with Rockwell Automation technologies, we develop and promote these Recognized System Integrators and Solutions Partners. The Recognized System Integrators are resources who best positioned to reduce project risk when leveraging our technologies. Solution Partners possess those same traits, but they differentiate themselves with a capability that is unique and specialized, with the ability to deliver across a broad geography.

GE Intelligent Platforms has always seen independent systems integrators as a key element in driving the success of automation and information technology for our mutual customers. Valued service providers bring dedicated talent, focused domain expertise, and a level of application commitment that greatly complements our advanced technology. The GE Intelligent Platforms Service Provider Program reflects our commitment to fostering the best possible working relationship with system integrators and end users of automation.

​Enterprise Automation is proud to partner with industry leaders in automation and controls to help bring the highest level of service to our customers